APK Safety Measures

At APKHello, our users’ safety is a top priority. That’s why we work with VirusTotal, a service that analyzes each and every one of the files we offer using more than 70 antiviruses. It’s possible to check the security report for any app from its download page by tapping on the little icon that looks like a blue shield. If an app has more than a certain number of alerts or if even one of them is actually harmful to the user, it’s not published on APKHello.

How do we ensure that updated apps are authentic and created by the actual developers?

1. Each application on APKHello.com is subjected to a rigorous verification procedure prior to publication.

2. We ensure that the cryptographic signatures of all updated versions of previously released apps correspond with the original signatures. This verification allows us to ascertain whether the updated APKs were signed by authentic developers or fraudulent entities.

3. For newly introduced apps that have not been previously published on APKHello.com, we strive to match their signatures with those of existing apps from the same developer. A match signifies that the same key was used to sign a previously verified app, thereby validating the new submission. If the authenticity of a new APK cannot be confirmed, we refrain from publishing it on APKHello.com.

We offer a Technical Information section for each app where you can check the following data to verify the trustworthiness of the app:

  • Package name
  • App signature (SHA256)
  • File size
  • Supported architecture 

Progress: How we Keep your Android safe

  1. App Submission: An app is uploaded
  2. Temp Pool: The apps stay in a temporary pool until selected for scanning tests.
  3. Anti-virus: the app is analyzed by malware-detection software
  4. Signature Validation: The signature of the app is validated and compared with other marketplaces.
  5. Classification: Our system filters the app and classifies it according to our parameters and badges system.
  6. Install App

In addition to this automatic process, our team of editors manually reviews the apps we publish, making sure they meet our minimum quality requirements. And most importantly, we manage and host all our downloads on our own servers. 

However, please contact our support team if you detect any unwanted behavior in an app in order to review it and, if necessary, remove it from the platform.

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